Welcome to the ASP Innovative Technology Program (ITP). Alpha Space & Power and Alpha Group Conglomeration in order to strongly support their most advanced Space & Aerospace efforts across many years since 1986 widely developed, undertook and set up manufacturing operations throughout the world together with new materials, power & energy systems achievements and related integration services.

Our engineers' skills strongly support the setting up of the most demanding space missions. Thanks to top-notch technology development and new outstanding manufacturing operations set up throughout the world achieved by aerospace & energy skilled engineers & technicians at Alpha Space & Power and Alpha Group Conglomeration and their acknowledged highly reputed demanding technology development capabilities you may access the most advanced products as following:

Hydrogen On-Demand Propulsion Systems;
Hydrogen On-Demand Engines;
Hydrogen On-Demand Engine Control Units (ECU);
Lithium Nano Batteries;
Hydrogen Batteries;
Hydrogen On-Demand Fuel Cells;
Water Activated Fuel Cells;
Power Generators Hydrogen On-Demand
Nano Thin Film & Printed Solar Cells;
80% efficiency & IR spectrum conversion Nano Thin-Film Solar Systems;
V-VI Junction Solar Cells;
Multi-Junction Solar Cells;
High-Efficiency Solar Concentrators;
Highest Efficiency Terrestrial Solar Cells & Receivers;
Highest Efficiency Renewable Energy;
International Grid Power Network;
Compressed Air Propulsion Systems;
Methane Propulsion Systems;
Ethanol Propulsion Systems;
Engine Control Units (ECU);
Ion Propulsion Systems;
Ion Engines; Ion Thrusters;
Ballistic Recovery Parachutes;
Ballistic Recovery Parachutes Integration Services;
Ballistic Recovery Parachutes Feasibility Studies;
VTOL Propulsion Systems; VTOL Engines;
MEMS Precision Mechanisms;
MEMS Electro-Optical Systems;
Nano Precision Mechanisms;
Nano Electro-Optical Systems;
Nano Materials;
Satellite Navigation Systems