WHAT are Alpha Space & Power RLVs ?

They are fully reusable space launch vehicles that carry payloads to orbit and return to Earth, ready to do it all over again.
They come with 2 configurations: Manned and Unmanned
They will operate like fleets of airplanes.
They employ propietary design features providing the unique and Lowest-Cost-Access-To-Space of $67/lb.
They will operate with small ground launch crews.
They will operate with high safety & reliability.
They will provide quick access to space and fastest turnaround times.
They come with 3 different payload capabilities (Small, Medium and Heavy) in order to meet each kind of requirements

WHY Alpha Space & Power RLVs ?

They will dramatically reduce the cost of launching satellites and each kind of space payload to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and beyond.
They will drive market demand for Small, Medium and Heavy Payloads.
They will create new huge markets for commercial space activities.
They will provide the Military with faster turnaround times.
They will generate huge new space business opportunites.
They allow the highest level of safety & reliability.