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Alpha Space & Power (ASP) harnesses and controls the only one worldwide design capable to provide the true lowest-cost-access-to-space of $67/lb.
Alpha Space & Power (ASP) is slated to build, and profitably operate a fleet of fully reusable space launchers (Reusable Launch Vehicles - RLVs) with different payload capabilities for commercial and military purposes.
These vehicles will place satellites and each kind of space payloads into low earth orbit (LEO), beyond, and geosynchronous (or geostationary) earth orbit (GEO) at the lowest worldwide prices when compared with all of the existing expendable systems and new planned reusable.

Alpha Advantages
1. Lowest-Cost-Access-To-Space
2. Engines
3. Available & Proven Technologies
4. Short-Term Goals
5. 3 Payload Capabilities (Small, Medium, Heavy)
6. Safety & Reliability

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Saturday, June 19, 2021