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US Congress Space & Aeronautics Committee (PDF)

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Alpha Group announces the most advanced and worldwide unique fully Reusable Space Launchers. Approved before the US Congress Committee on April 26, 2001. Carefully developed for more than 40 years by the team led by the historic Ralph Nansen, Boeing SPS program manager, Saturn rocket manager and finally historic master of the "Space & Energy Project" together with M.Sc. Eng. Federico Foti and Dr. P. Dyane Neri.
These unique TSTO RLVs have been fully developed and tested ready for assembling and flight.
They integrate the most advanced technologies and operate by 2 fully automatic flying back space planes, Propulsion space plane + Orbiter space plane.
In accordance with the approval before the US Congress Committee, each of 2 space planes, propulsion + orbiter have been developed in several lengths.
2.63 ft (0.8 meter), 5.3 ft (1.6 meter), 7.88 ft (2.4 meter), 15.8 ft (4.8 meter), 27 ft (8 meter), 55 ft (16 meter), 111 ft (34 m), 242 ft (73 meter).
As part of the "Space & Energy Project" have been fully developed the worldwide unique Endless Self-Generated Energy Systems that endlessly produce electrical energy without requiring anything else, nor any batteries. They also power all electrical vehicles without requiring any battery for storage.
Already under full deployment worldwide.

Alpha Space & Power (ASP) harnesses and controls the only one worldwide design capable to provide the true lowest-cost-access-to-space of $67/lb.
Alpha Space & Power (ASP) is slated to build, and profitably operate a fleet of fully reusable space launchers (Reusable Launch Vehicles - RLVs) with different payload capabilities for commercial and military purposes.
These vehicles will place satellites and each kind of space payloads into low earth orbit (LEO), beyond, and geosynchronous (or geostationary) earth orbit (GEO) at the lowest worldwide prices when compared with all of the existing expendable systems and new planned reusable.

Alpha Advantages
1. Lowest-Cost-Access-To-Space
2. Engines
3. Available & Proven Technologies
4. Short-Term Goals
5. 3 Payload Capabilities (Small, Medium, Heavy)
6. Safety & Reliability

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